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GIS Mapping and Land Survey

Prepare Gamthan (Abadi Area) Survey Records at various divisions of Gujarat State. - (Surat Division)

Funding Agency: Government of Gujarat

Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

  • Due to rapid technological upgradation, there is lot of scope to develop public centric activity in land / property related records and record management.
  • As a project, 323 villages of 33 Districts will be covered to (10 village s/District) carryout measurement work, collection of documents of measured properties (Open plots, Tenaments, Flats, Financial shops , Industrial properties etc) and scanning, data entry work, Preparation of soft & hard copy of records on GIS based software.
  • In continuation of this project, firm is awarded by survey of Surat Division.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Ground truthing for detailed measurement of each property using ground survey method. DGPS is used to establish control network of GAMTHAN area and ETS is used for detailed property measurement activity. Co-ordinates generated for each property
  • Integration of textual and graphical records in prescribed format by using GIS based software.
  • IEC activity for awareness of property holder, conduct Gram Sabha activities in the presence of department officials and establish toll free number for registering the grievances.
  • Establish Ground Control Points across the Project Site. Measurement of each property.
  • Map the identified boundary vertices
  • Prepare notices for document collection of measured properties and get it signed by competent officer.
  • Distribution of notices to holders and collection of documents.
  • After submission of document to the officer (enquiry officer), enquiry process will be conducted by enquiry officer prepare the finalized property records in standard software prepared by the department.
  • GIS based IT related activity also covered for the preparation of final record in prescribed formats.
  • Assistance to enquiry officials at the time of enquiry, correction of records as per the order of enquiry officer and preparation of final record.
  • Operational training to the each district officials.