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GIS Mapping and Land Survey

Land Re-survey of Surendranagar District

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Location: Surendranagar district, Gujarat, India

  • To create updated land records including textual and spatial information, enabling establishment of a system which will help in the continued maintenance of updated land records and provide ready and smooth access to required information to all stakeholders – including Citizens and Government. To develop the entire system on GIS background.
  • Creation of an updated Cadastral and Title database through a re-survey & measurement and Title verification process.
  • Creating an integrated view of textual and graphical information on land records.
  • Replace manual records with digital records, update the records and ensure consistency of information across the departments. Total are of the project was 9137

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Establish Ground Control Points across the Project Site
  • Prepare the land parcels for the proposed exercise
  • Map the identified boundary vertices
  • Reconcile the re-survey data with the available records and finalize the dimensions of each land parcel
  • Deliver the finalized land parcel dimensions and the land records in prescribed formats