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GIS Mapping and Land Survey

Work of Checking the Electrical Infrastructure in the 800 villages of Rajasthan.

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Location: Rajasthan, India

Checking of electrical infrastructure in the 800 villages of Rajasthan.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

Checking of

  • equipments / materials at site as per the approved FQPs and MQPs
  • electrical infrastructure quantities including transformers, HT and LT lines.
  • installed accessories and electricity connections to BPL families.
  • all 33/11 KV Grid Sub-Stations in the projects.
  • all connections in 25% villages and in balance villages 20% verification of BPL connections.
  • verification of all 11 KV feeder line joining the village ad LT network.
  • all distribution transformer substation in the village.
  • Preparation of report having photographs of village electrification works.