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GIS Mapping and Land Survey

Mapping of 11 Places (Package 1) from Satellite Images and Survey using Total Station for Utilities and Contours.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Karnataka

The Government of Karnataka has taken up the ambitious Karnataka Municipal Reforms Project with the financial assistance from the World Bank. The objective of the consultancy is to produce topographical maps for 11 cities from high resolution satellite images and augmentation with Total Station survey for utilities seen on ground along the roads and levels for generating contours and to show spot heights.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Establishment of 3 level control points using DGPS/TS, Geo reference/Ortho-rectify the satellite images (Quickbird of 0.6m resolution) and carryout feature extraction for preparation of base map at Scale 1:2000 in CAD and shape file formats.
  • Identification of locations for temporary and permanent monuments for PSCPs, SSCPs and TSCPs.
  • Establishing primary survey control on temporary monuments.
  • Construction of permanent monuments for PSCPs and establishing control.
  • Establishing SSCPs on permanent monuments.
  • Establishing tertiary level survey control points on temporary markers.
  • Carrying out the Total Station survey in developed area for utilities seen along the road, i.e. manholes, drains, electric pole etc. and survey for spot heights for generation of contour s within the mapping are for preparation of base maps at scale 1 : 5000 in CAD shape file formats.
  • Identification of points and control survey for second stage geo-referencing of satellite images.
  • Generation of DEM and ortho-rectification of satellite images.
  • Extraction of features in 2D from ortho-rectified satellite images.
  • Generation of final hybrid map at 1 : 2,000 using final map data at 1 : 2,000 from SI and utility and contour data at 1:500 from Total Station.