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Survey using Latest Techniques

Selection of Service Provider to carryout survey/resurvey of forest lands under Forest Rights Act -2006 using Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Electronic Total Station (ETS) in Scheduled areas of Gujarat.

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Location: Gandhinagar (Gujarat, India)

The Settlement Commissioner, Govt. of Gujarat with the cooperation of the Tribal Development Department (TDD) proposes to carry out Re- Survey of the Forest Settlement Villages and fresh survey of all the land newly bestowed to the Scheduled Tribe families under the recently enacted Scheduled Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 – in short “FRA-2006 ”.

The survey agency is required to conduct a detailed ground resurvey / fresh survey using DGPS and ETS, in the rural forest areas spread over in 6 district of the Gujarat State.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

The activities of the selected agency would include all the necessary tasks to conduct the resurvey/fresh survey process and create spatial data fabric and collate required and relevant textual information to generate the required outputs using DGPS and ETS equipment. The survey agency is required to achieve the work requirements in terms of time schedule and accuracy.

At the end of the survey work the agency is expected to deliver the following:

  • Reconcile the re-survey data with the available records and finalize the dimensions of each land parcel.
  • Map the identified boundary vertices of each land parcel.
  • Area of the finalized land parcel dimensions must match with accuracy of +/- 15 cm or +/- 5% of the total area recorded earlier.
  • Carryout Topography Survey conducting RL (Reduce Level) at 10 Mtr x 10 Mtr Grid and Contour line to be produce at 0.5 mtr interval in separate level.
  • The individual Land parcel maps are to be produced in the scale of 1:500 for area below 1 Hectare, in the scale of 1:1000 for area below 2 Hectares and in the scale of 1:2000 for area above 2 Hectares (Print and Digital Copy). The group map, Village Maps are to be produced in the scale of 1:2000. (Print and Digital Copy)
  • Prepare the village map of each village in its present form after compilation of maps of all land parcels in the village. The village map should clearly outline the village boundary. The Village maps to be produce showing features like Survey No., name, Chalta No. etc.