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Consultancy Service for feasibility and design of ROB near Ram Mandir, Bani Park connecting the Railway colony in the railway shunting yard and Jaipur-Ajmer line

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Location: Jaipur, India

The railway line Jaipur-Ajmer and the railway shunting yard crosses at the flyover. The frequency of railway movement is very high (nearly 50 trains a day).This results is frequent closure of level crossing at this point. It is a two lane flyover. total length of the flyover is 750m.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Conducting the topographical survey, L-section, Cross section by using Total Station.
  • Conducting the traffic survey for the replacement of level crossing with ROB.
  • Projecting the future traffic.
  • Preliminary design of ROB which consist of 2 central span of 48m on the railway boundary and 10 span of 17.30m on the prestressed concrete superstructure and on pile foundation.
  • Total length of the flyover is 757m which includes the RE walls.
  • It was principally accepted by the JDA and is being submitted to the Railway for the formal approval as per railway norms.
  • The cost of the project is Rs. 24 crores for 2 laning..