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Consultancy Service for the Preparation of Feasibility Report fir Two Laning of the section from km 108 to km 182 of Bharatpur-Alwar-Behror-Narnaul Road SH-14 (Upto Haryana Border)

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Location: Rajasthan, India

Road is starts from Jail crossing in Alwar distt crosses NH8 on Delhi Jaipur in Km 108/00 and crosses Behror town and end at Rajasthan / Haryana Border. The road section crosses near Vijay Mandir, and passes through hillock near Jindoli Ghati, Tatarpur village, Sambla village and crosses Shai river and Ranchor village having Major bridge on Banganga. The project corridor has been taken up for development under program for development of State’s selected corridors on PPP basis. Cost of the project is Rs. 132.52 Crore

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Survey, Geotechnical Investigation, survey investigation by total stations, layout of the work at the site, preparation of General Arrangement Drawings, detailed design and estimates for the proposed ROB.
  • Detailed topographical survey, taking L-sections, cross section for the proposed work.
  • Geotechnical investigation for deep foundation of well by determining C, f soil part partical size distribution atterber limits gradation and SP test.
  • Carry out detailed traffic survey and projection of the traffic by conducting the OD traffic survey.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Calculation of the IRR and VGF for the project