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Construction of Ring Road, Vikas Path and 8 Development Plan DP Roads in Bhavnagar.

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Location: Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

Bhavnagar Area Development Authority, a body established by Government of Gujarat under Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976 has entrusted M/s N K Buildcon Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur for Preparation of DPR for Construction of Ring Road around Bhavnagar. This project will serve a purpose to segregate cross city traffic to local traffic and help in smooth traffic flow.

Bhavnagar Area Development Authority (BADA) has also decided to develop Vikas Path as a model road in Bhavnagar. BADA appointed M/S NK Buildcon, Jaipur as a consultant for the development of Vikas Path. The Vikas Path Connects Bhavnagar City area to Proposed Ring Road.

BADA has also planed to develop DP Roads to connect Bhavnagar City area to outer area. The DP Roads will serve as a better connecting road between city habitation and outer area of the city.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Study the available data / report and make necessary investigations.
  • Make necessary survey.
  • Preparation of detailed engineering drawings, working drawings for all the work.
  • Preparation of structural drawings and all type of working drawings required as and when necessary during progress of work along with estimated works.
  • Preparation of revised estimates at the time of execution, if required.
  • Preparation of brief report of each project including estimate, time schedule and planning.
  • Preparation of tender specifications and tender documents for civil construction, documents of various materials installation equipments etc. including bill of materials.
  • Evaluation of offers received and preparation of comparative statement and assist the Authority for selection.
  • Inform the Authority about the progress report of work from time to time.
  • Preparation of project implementation schedule by PERT/CPM suggest methods for expeditious execution system in schedule time limits.
  • Provide the necessary supervision during execution of work. Checking and certify the quality of work. Appoint necessary staff for the supervision work and liable for their responsibilities of salary etc. Checking and certify the running bills during progress.
  • Certify the final bills of contractor after completion of the entire work along with the report regarding the quality and completion.