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Design and Final Location survey for construction of New Broad Gauge Railway Line from Ajmer to Pushkar (Survey to be done between Madar to Pushkar)

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Location: Ajmer Districts Rajasthan (India)

Ajmer Pushkar Broad Guage line is the major link between Ajmer and Merta City. In first phase the north western railway has undertaken the task of constructing the New Broad guage line from Ajmer (Madar Station to Pushkar). Total Length of the proposed railway line is 25 Km. The proposed line passes through both the rocky and sandy strata.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Survey of the existing topography in 100 either side of the track, preparation of the general plans.
  • Fixing the alignment of the center line in the field including the curves
  • Establishment of the bench marks on complete route. Taking L section and cross section details.
  • Preparation of the Final L section as per the Railway Standard Practice by marking the formation levels.
  • Estimation of the quantities.
  • Estimation of the flow, hydraulic calculations including study of catchment area.
  • Carrying out complete geo-technical investigations in sand and rocky strata, core drilling with NX bit.
  • Carrying out the Standard penetration tests at all the bridge locations.
  • Carrying the detailed lab tests for soil , rock and water samples, detailed physical and chemical tests.
  • Design of structures: 26 Minor bridge and 6 Major bridges at cross drainage locations on Ajmer-Madar-Pushkar railway line.
  • Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings as per the Railway’s Standard Practice and as per IRC specifications wherever applicable.