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Consultancy work for Feasibility and the DPR for construction of Bridge / CD Works on Jagatpura-Bassi Link Road Project 13 No. of the CD works and design of at grade junction.

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Location: Jaipur, India

The proposed Jagatpura-Bassi link road is going to be one of the arterial routes of the Jaipur and is designated as Jagatpura-Bassi link road. It would run parallel to Jaipur-Delhi railway line. It connects Jaipur to Bassi via Jagatpura. The proposed road runs in east-west direction. This section starts from Jagatpura ROB at 0/000 km and ends at Bassi link road to NH-11 at 24/600 km. There are 8 intersections in the project highway namely

  1. Induni-Kho Nagorian Junction (Ch 1/570km)
  2. Goner Junction (Ch 6/275km)
  3. Ramsingh Pura Phatak (Ch 13/360 km)
  4. Jeetwala Phatak (Ch 17/825 km)
  5. Isarnala Phatak (Ch 17/825km)
  6. Bassi Railway Crossing at two places (Ch. 21/435km & Ch. 21/840km) and
  7. At chainage 24/600km Junction for link road to NH-11 (Railway Broad Gauge line 205/km)

In the alignment there is one river "Doondh" and two big nallah besides other small nallahs and streams. This road is equivalent to highway road.

The project highway carries mixed type of traffic and rural, semi urban and urban in characteristics. The total length of project highway is about 24.6km. The existing nearby routes carry moderate volume of traffic both light and heavy. On account of inadequate service road and grade separated structures, local and through traffic share the same carriageway. The existing junctions are improperly designed. It has therefore been decided by JDA to get prepared DPR for construction of Bridge / CD works on Jagatpura-Bassi link road project.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Detailed topographical survey, taking L-sections, cross section for the proposed work.
  • Geotechncial investigation for deep foundation of well by determining C, f soil part partical size distribution atterber limits gradation and SP test.
  • Carry out detailed traffic survey and projection of the traffic by conducting the OD traffic survey.
  • Detailed hydraulic and structural designs for proposed bridges for a major bridge over river Dhund for 240m long and three other major bridges.
  1. Preparation of General arrangement drawing based on above data Dhoondh consist of 10 span of 19.8m prestressed concrete resting on the well foundation.
  2. 2 Other bridges consist of 4 span of 19.8m with open foundation and prestressed concrete structures.
  3. 2 bridges of 3 span of 19.8m prestressed concrete bridge on RCC pier on open foundation.
  • Preparation of detailed drawing of bridges / CD Works including.
    • Foundation, Sub structure, Super structure, Approaches,
    • Other elements like expansion joints, railing etc.,
    • Traffic movement plan,
    • Street light arrangements, ducts for service etc
  • Design of 8 No. of the at grade junction after conducting the traffic survey.
  • Preparation of project cost estimates, BOQ, rate analysis for each item as per specification of MORTH standards and data book.
  • Preparation of tender documents.