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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of Draft Master Plans for Bali in Rajasthan.

Funding Agency: Avas Vikas Limited

Location: Bali

Urban development Department have identified 68 towns for which master plans have to be prepared out of this, Bali Town located within Pali district has been given to our company for preparation of master plan for the year 2031.

Bali town is situated in the south of Rajasthan in Pali District. It is around 386 km from Jaipur and 81 km from Pali headquarter. Bali is well connected by road with important cities of Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Ajmer, Abu Road, Jodhpur etc.

As per base year 2010 total developed area of Bali town is 221 ha. It is increased to 582 ha upto year 2031 which is 5.33% of notified urbanized area. Bali town is divided into 4 planning zones.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Preparation of base maps using satellite images / Total station survey in the field.
  • Geo-referencing of the data on GIS platform,
  • Study of existing land use pattern,
  • Socio-economic surveys, collection of all baseline information related to physical and social infrastructure,
  • Proposals for future land use,
  • Preparation of detailed urban planning maps,
  • Preparation of Draft Master Plan as per the provisions of Government of Rajasthan.