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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of Draft Master Plans for Jalore City in Rajasthan.

Funding Agency: Avas Vikas Limited

Location: Jalore City

Urban development Department have identified 68 towns for which master plans have to be prepared out of this, Jalore city located within Jalore distt. Has been given to our company for preparation of master plan for the year 2031.

Jalore town is situated in the south-west part of Rajasthan. It is at junction point of SH-16 and 31. Jalore town is around 450 km from Jaipur and 148 km from Jodhpur. Jalore is well connected by roads with almost all major cities of Rajasthan such as Barmer, Pali, Sirohi, Abu road, Ajmer etc. It is also well connected by broadgauge rail line with Ahmedabad, Jodhpur and Barmer.

In base year, total developed area of Jalore town is 720 ha. Around 2745 ha area is proposed for year 2031 which is 26% of total notified urbanized area (10550 ha). Jalore is divided into 4 planning zones.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

For the preparation of Draft Master Plan under UI Act 1959 Act of Rajasthan Government the following procedure will be adopted

  • Notification of Urban area for the proposed Master Plan.
  • Preparation of Town Map by conducting total station survey / satellite images, collection of information regarding existing land use in the town, collection of information regarding various aspects of the town such as population, sex ratio, literacy rate, employment potential, linkages, climate, historical background, industries, commercial activities, government and semi government offices, educational and medical facilities, road survey, dedicated rail fried corridor etc.
  • Projecting the existing data for preparing proposals for horizon year 2031.
  • Preparation of transport network plan showing roads, bus terminal, truck centre, parking areas etc.
  • Preparation of Draft Land use Plan for 2031 and draft notified urban area map.
  • Preparing reports for inviting public objections, suggestions from various departments, individuals, institutions etc.
  • Analyzing the various objection / suggestions on draft master plan the modifications will be done if required and will be finalized for final submission to the client for further necessary action.