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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of Development Plan (2030) for BADA Area.

Funding Agency: Bhavnagar Area Development Authority

Location: Bhavnagar, Gujarat,India

Bhavnagar is situated 228 km from Gandhinagar the capital of Gujarat state and to the west of Gulf of Khambhat. It is currently the administrative headquarters of the Bhavnagar District. Bhavnagar is the fifth-largest city of Gujarat, and the second-largest city in the Saurashtra region. Bhavnagar is also known as the cultural capital of Saurashtra. Area of Bhavnagar town is 53 km2.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Collection of primary and secondary data from BADA and other relevant offices.
  • Preparation of base map on the basis of maps, topo sheet, satellite imageries, revenue records etc.
  • Preparation of existing land use map in accordance with the provision of Gujarat Town Planning & Urban Development Act-1976.
  • Preparation of Town Map by conducting total station survey, collection of information regarding existing land use in the town, collection of information regarding various aspects of the town such as population, sex ratio, literacy rate, employment potential, linkages, climate, historical background, industries, commercial activities, government and semi government offices, educational and medical facilities, road survey.
  • Projecting the existing data for preparing proposals for horizon year 2030.
  • Preparation of Development Plan 2030.
  • Analysis of objections and suggestions received.