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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Tonk City under IHSDP Project

Funding Agency: Govt of India (80%) + State Govt (10%)+ ULB (10%)

Location: Tonk , India

In this assignment infrastructure strengthening in three slums (clubbed as cluster -1, based on Infrastructure Deficiency Index) were proposed. The three slums to be covered under the project were taken up after studying the existing infrastructure facilities of all the slums, prioritization based on needs basis to account for infrastructure deficiency and disadvantaged section of society, stakeholder discussions etc. Resettlement and rehabilitation of residents of untenable slums was also taken up in this project. The project comprised of following two sub-rojects.

A Providing Basic infrastructure facilities in Cluster No: 1 (Based on Infrastructure Deficiency Index) comprising of Chhawani Slum, Baher Slum, Mehgaon Slum of Tonk City.

B Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Approximately 506 slum dwellers (of 85 families) of Motibagh and Talai area slums at proposed housing colony at Khasra No 707 and 712 of Tonk Tehsil of Tonk District. near Baher Basti.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Topographical Survey with the Help of Total Station for the slums
  • Physical Survey of houses exists in each slum.
  • Study of the drainage system of the area
  • Providing detailed plans for Housing, Community Facilities, Schools.
  • Detailed Structural, Drawings, designs and estimates for the Housing Scheme.
  • Detailed Estimates for Slum roads, Water Supply System, Street Lights
  • Work Plan, Activity Charts, Budget Scheduling, Municipal Reforms