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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of Detailed Project Report of Solid Waste Management in Todaraisingh Town

Funding Agency: UIDSSMT, Government of India

Location: Todaraisingh,India

The project involves primary collection, secondary collection, placement of containers, transportation of garbage upto transfer station, transfer of garbage in large capacity carries, transportation of garbage upto the landfill site etc. as per SWM rules 2000. The project is to be prepared as per the JNNURM / UIDSSMT guidelines.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  1. Assessment volume of solid waste generated.
  2. Study of existing system of collection, transportation and disposal of the waste including classification of different sources i.e. general waste, hospital waste, industrial waste.
  3. Identification of landfill site.
  4. Preparation of plan for disposal of solid waste generated upto the year 2025 with spatial thrust on community participation.
  5. Suggestions for renovation of garages, estimates and other details
  6. Suggestion for procurement for primary and secondary collection of solid waste management system.
  7. Consultations with officers of administration, prominent citizens, Industrialists, shop owners etc. for evolving a consensus based plan.
  8. Costing and phasing of the project.