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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Water Supply Project for Dausa Town District Dausa State Rajasthan

Funding Agency: PHED

Location: Dausa,India

Preparation of DPR in accordance with PHED guidelines.

The proposed work is for survey work and detailed technical proposals required for preparation and sanction of reorganization of Urban Water Supply for Dausa and includes survey of Dausa town with a view of preparing town index plan indicating roads, streets, along with places of importance such a school, temple, pond, water supply structure, physical boundary of area, north etc. including levels at some important points with respect to some permanent bench mark as per directions of Engineer-In-Charge, submission of the four sets of computer prepared printouts of town index plan showing all above details including levels on a suitable scale so as to fit on A0 size sheets with standardize title block as approved, complete in all respect as per instructions of Engineer in charge and departmental specifications

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Collection of data, detailed field survey, preparation of index plan, design of all components of water supply of Dausa town namely rising main, distribution main, storage reservoir, source, pumping machineries and pumping stations as per guidelines of PHED and CPHEEO.
  • Leveling with objective of creating L-sections along with the desired route taking levels at spacing of 50M or less keeping the variation in level below 1m including taking levels at bench mark, giving off set distances from center line of road at every 200m along the route or from some other permanent feature (Road crossing, culvert, Nalla, power line bench mark trees etc. 7m on either side of route closing of traverse at the end of each day. Submission of four sets of coloured print out on a scale of 1cm = 50 m or less on A0 size sheets with a space of 6 rows below L-section and standard title block as approved complete in all respect as per instructions of Engineer in charge.
  • Design of various rising mains based on techno-economical consideration required for connecting tube wells to CWRs & CWRs to various existing SRs & proposed SRs in Dausa town.
  • Design of distribution network with software considering existing network & zoning of distribution network