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Urban Infrastructure Development

Consultancy Studies for preparation of Drainage System for Kaithoon Town

Funding Agency: Government of Rajasthan

Location: Kaithoon, Kota District

To safeguard the people of Kaithoon in rainy season from floods, channelization of Alniya River, city side drains, so as to create hygienic environment in the town, GoI has selected the Kaithoon town to prepare drainage system. Drainage system is very poor in the town. In rainy season water rises in the Alniya river which creates problems to the residents, Drainage system in practically non-existent. All major drains discharge into river Alniya, due to non-availability of the sewerage system, waste water also enters drain and ultimately reaches to Alniya River. It is proposed to channelize the drains, construct a peripheral drain along Alniya and treat the waste water before it actually discharges into river Alniya

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Scope of Work
  1. Survey along the alignment of River Alniya, Nalla 1, Nalla 2, Nalla 3, Nalla 4, Pond and main road has been conducted by Total Station. Survey for Nallah-1 and Nalah-2 were also conducted to know the general profile of these Nallah.
  2. Preparation of L-section and X-section
  3. Marking of all the major drains on survey sheet, along with canal, roads, railway line, River and natural nallas.
  4. Marking of Catchment area of each drain at key locations on the survey sheet.
  5. Working out design discharge of drains at various locations.
  6. Preparation of Design, Estimates and Drawings of Drains as per UIDSSMT guidelines.
  7. Cost of the Project was Rs. 17.02 Crores