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Urban Infrastructure Development

Detailed Project Report of Roads and Drains at Shahpura (Jaipur)

Funding Agency: UIDSSMT, Government of India

Location: Shahpura

Roads : Widening, strengthening of existing roads, main roads with divider from NHAI office to Petrol Pump.

Drains : Implementation of drains in accordance to the Drainage Master Plan, Division of drains, Nala from Saini Dhaba to Deven Shahpura Road, Bunkar Colony from Node A & B etc.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

Scope of Work

Drainage :

  1. Collection of secondary data available from client, collection of detailed levels.
  2. Assessing the preferability for combined and separate system, analysis of network system and treatment option.
  3. Design of drainage system for problematic area, estimates there of.
  4. Extension of primary storm water drains for protection of flow area and flood plan.

Roads :

  1. Topographical survey with the help of total station for the proposed roads 4,000 m.
  2. Study of drainage system of the area.
  3. Marking of formation level, design of horizontal and vertical curves.
  4. Study of the Municipal budget, social and Environment Impact Assessment for the project road etc.