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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Rajakhera Town (Dholpur District) under UIDSSMT for roads and drains

Funding Agency: UIDSSMT

Location: Rajakhera

Construction of roads from Harijan Basti to Gangoliyapura, Amberpur to Naya Gaon, BT road from Dogarpur to Rajakhera Bus Stand, BT road from Chintamani Ki Ghadi to field survey and framing proposals of Dutharai Ka Gher.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

Scope of Work
  • Topographical survey with the help of total station for the proposed roads.
  • Study of drainage system of the area.
  • CBR test, traffic survey in the field as per project requirement.
  • Marking of formation level, design of horizontal and vertical curves, preparation of detailed L-section, quantity calculations.
  • Design of pavement surface as per IRC.
  • Detailed estimates, drawings and designs for drains, retaining walls.
  • Study of Municipal budget, social and Environment Impact Assessment for the Project road.
  • Study of training and capacity building.