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Waste Water Management

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for sewerage scheme for Ramganj Mandi Town (Kota District) under UIDSSMT Scheme.

Funding Agency: UIDSSMT

Location: Ramganj Mandi, India

Ramganjmandi is an important town of the Southern Rajasthan, it lacks the basic services required such a as drainage and sewerage scheme, the scheme is proposed to be taken up under the UIDSSMT scheme of Govt of India.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Topographical survey with the help of total station..
  • Study of drainage & sewerage system of the area.
  • L Sections, hydraulic design of the sewerage system, estimates.
  • Treatment of the sewage after studying various alternatives for the treatment of waste water.
  • Rendering services of ULB for assistance during execution of work for any changes in drawings / Designs / Quality control with reference to DPR project components.
  • Total Length of Sewer Lines: 77.53 kms
  • Total Capacity of Treatment Plant : 11.36 MLD
  • Type of treatment : SBR Technology
  • Assisting ULB in getting approval from UIDSSMT.