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Waste Water Management

Preparation of Detail Project Reports for Sewerage and Storm Water Drainage System in ULBs of Telangana.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Telangana

The Scope of the proposed COnsultancy assignment is -

  1. To study & analysis the problem in implementation and O&M of exsisting/ under implementation sewerage facilities in the ULBs of Telangana State.
  2. Analysis the exsisting system in the ULBs and review the various engineering & environmental problems faced, identification of major waste water producers and pollution sources, waste water sampling and sewerage treatment required.
  3. Assess the BPL family in the ULB and estimate the cost of providing sewerage connections.
  4. Conduct a household community survey to list out households with toilets with septic tanks.
  5. Proposed sewerage system and motivate the community to take a house sewer connections.
  6. Carry out preliminary project survey and present techno economic appraisal of various options.
  7. Carry out Topographical Survey, Contour Survey, Ground Level Data and Other required Survey for preparation of detailed project rep[ort on sewerage collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal.
  8. Preparation of DPR for providing underground sewerage system including Sewerage Treatment Plant as per the guidelines of CPHEEO, CPCB and other State and Central Laws relevant to the assignment.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Undertake Data collection, neccessary survey including geo technical survey and detailed engineering investigation including off-site information;
  • Update maps and Plans;
  • Review available secondary data and reports required for analysing the exsisting infrastructure facilities before commencing desing work.
  • Preparation of Feasibility report with techno economic options.
  • Soil Investigation and Tests.
  • Design of Sewers.
  • Estimation of Quantities.