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Waste Water Management

Preparation of Sewerage scheme for 35 Towns of Gujarat State

Funding Agency: Government of Gujarat

Location: Gujarat, India

Drinking water, Sewerage and storm water drain schemes are of the most essential services for maintaining the quality of life and for ensuring better standard of health, Sewerage facilities is to be provided to 170 village/Towns of selected Villages in Gujarat. GRHB intends to implement the project of Sewerage schemes.

For maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of Sewerage service, it is necessary to tackle this problem systematically by going into all aspects of Sewerage schemes and devise cost effective system which may ensure better performance of Sewerage services to 170 villages/Towns of selected Villages in Gujarat with a view to improve the efficiency of Sewerage schemes. GRHB/GOG intends to engage reputed consultant who will study the problem and will give the solution also.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Study the present position of existing Sewerage systems of the towns
  • Collection of all kinds of essential data from GRHB/DDO, Government offices, non? government offices etc. to prepare Detailed Project Report.
  • Preparation of detail project report as per the CPHEEO manual and prevailing norms of state government.
  • Suggested the appropriate technology for the treatment of sewage and disposal of sewage.
  • Design all Sewerage schemes for future development with projection of population till the year 2042.
  • Preparation of detail preliminarily design and working drawings and to suggest right type of Sewerage system.
  • Preparation of details cost estimate with drawings, project report, financial and economical analysis, draft tender document with detail specification.
  • Prepared (1) Pre-feasibility report, (2) Detail feasibility report and (3) Detailed project report with cost estimates and draft tender documents for Sewerage system.