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Waste Water Management

Preparation of Sewerage scheme for Left Out / Newly Developed Area of Jodhpur Town

Funding Agency: Government of India

Location: Jodhpur (Rajasthan), India

To prepare Detailed Project Report for Sewerage System for left out / newly developed / out skirt areas of Jodhpur city and corresponding sewage treatment plants as per requirement, feasibility and demand.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Detailed Survey of the project area measuring approximately 16759 ha area using Total Station including all the planimetric details and L-sections, X-sections, sufficient points for generation of contours in the project area. Preparation of maps on GIS based layer system.
  • Population forecast of the project area, detailed study of master plan provisions, identification of the gaps in the system, discussions with the stakeholders and lined agencies for finalization of the proposal.
  • Development of Sewerage System of the project area.
  • Preparation of drawings, design, estimates and tender documents for project components.
  • Rendering services of JMC for assistance during execution of work for any changes in drawings / Designs / Quality control with reference to DPR project components.
  • Development of STP based on conventional activated sludge process using fixed film attached growth system as an option of secondary treatment.
  • Total Length of Sewer Line 1274 Km
  • Capacity of STP 223.42 MLD.
  • Cost of the Project is Rs. 684.03 Crores