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Water Resources Planning & Management

Topographical & Cadastral survey of the project area, detailed study of the project area system and identification of the problems & Redesigning of Irrigation and Drainage systems of Haidergarh branch canal (Km 22.98 to tail) system, covering GCA of approx 0.98 lac ha in Gomti - Sai basin, situated in Barabanki, Sultanpur & Raibarely district in Uttar Pradesh.

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Lucknow, UP,India

The Haidergarh branch takes off from the main Feeder channel (left bank) at km. 171.50 and the total length of this branch canal is 30.98 km. The total length of canal systems associated with Haidergarh branch system (Km. 22.98 down to tail) including the branch, distributaries and minors is about 685 Km. The main feature of the project was to utilize Sarda river flows, for Kharif season and Ghaghra river flows for Rabi season by constructing barrages across rivers Sarda and Ghaghra and linking the two by a link channel. Provide reliable and equitable water distribution, modernization of the operations, and rehabilitation of the irrigation system and associated drainage network in the command area, and also proposed to equip these systems with some kind of self reporting and

recording system supported with SCADA where in delivery at canal head water delivery is monitored on-line and WUAs’ that will be responsible for equitable distribution of water.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

The broad scope of work to be carried out under the contract would be as below –

  • L-section and X-section of existing Haidergarh branch canals, distributaries, minors & drains including the bed profile & embankments using DGPS, Auto Level and Total Station Machines. Preparation of entire project data set on GIS platform. Prepared a cadastral land information database incorporating photographs and details of field, area and ownership and land type and land use features for the designated survey area. Total length of the canal system was approximately 680 Km. Total lengths of drains covered were approximately 707 Km.
  • Carry out a systematic diagnostic study for identification of canal and drainage problems from the considerations of operation and management as well as constraints in existing design features. Formulate, design, operation and water management system for the project area canal and drainage systems on the basis of the diagnostic study to ensure efficient performance along with water productivity.
  • Mapping of the system including all irrigation, infrastructure and land features, up to the hydraulic boundary of the project area. Joint walkthrough survey with the WUAs’/ farmers, other stakeholders and departmental officials and the concept of participatory irrigation and drainage management were integral part of the total consultancy process. To carry out problems and constraint identification and diagnostic study and necessary survey and redesign of the existing irrigation and drainage infrastructure in the gross command area of the branch canal sub-basins.
  • The redesign carried out utilizing the output of the topographical and cadastral survey details/data. The redesign features aimed at maximizing the land and water use efficiency for agriculture purposes in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Study of cropping pattern, ground water studies, environmental studies, livestock studies, social and economical survey reports. Provided Training to the Department officers on surveys and mapping.
  • Preparation of Bid Document and its approval from the World Bank.
  • Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs. 130 Crore