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Water Resources Planning & Management

Topographical survey using 3D (Terrestrial LiDAR Survey Mapping on GIS Platform and block contouring, planning, design, preparation of plan sand estimates of distribution network (distributory, minors, sub-minors, etc.) down to 40 ha chak command area, preparation of Land Acquisition cases, Forest cases, Revenue Forest etc. of Omkareshwar Right Bank Lift Canal System (Phase IV) from R.B.C. (Flow) junction structure RD 9.775 km i.e. 0.0 km upto 8km for Rising main by lift and then R.B.C. flow canal from RD 0 to RD 146 km (Uri River)

Funding Agency: NVDA, MP

Location: Jabalpur, MP,India

OSP lift canal off takes from Km 9.775 Km from the Right bank flow canal near Badwah, it is proposed to lift water from this point through two rising main pipelines of 3.0 m dia each for a length of 10217 m at a height of 45m into a balancing reservoir, from this reservoir a main canal is construction (open) for a length of 123.7 km length with closed pipe distribution system. Project aims at irrigating more than 65000 Ha of command area through lift irrigation scheme.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

The broad scope of work to be carried out under the contract would be as below –

  • Survey, Capturing of field information using 3D Laser Scanning Technology /Satellite imageries for more than 77900 Ha (779 sqkm) gross command area, approximately 60400 Ha CCA ( 297 villages) using DGPS and LiDAR Technology. Development of complete project on GIS Platform using different layers for project components.
  • Data collection such as flow parameters of OSP flow canal, population and water requirements studies for irrigation and drinking water, irrigation practices in the command area, Catchment area details of crossing streams, geological studies.
  • Study and making proposal for improvement of efficiency of water use in project command area, study of cropping pattern and irrigation practices, medium and minor tanks under OSP Lift command, finalization of OSP lift project command system with reference to finalized balancing reservoir.
  • Making suggestion for piped distribution system with less wastage of water and improved efficiency after study of open canal system and its deficiencies with respect to closed pipe distribution system. Survey, Design, drawings and estimates of Water distribution system using underground pipe line with HDPE, GRP and MS Pipe for 916 Km Length. (60400 Ha CCA, 297 villages).
  • Collection, Scanning, digitization of 297 villages maps for Khargone and Dhar Tehsil, Superimposition of captured data over digitized images after geo-referencing.
  • Design of Pumping Station (Static Head 56 m) after finalization of crop water requirement and duty for the project, Design, drawings and estimates for Pumping Stations with Vertical turbine pumps of 18 Cumces capacity, including specifications and estimates. Design, drawings of rising main, rate analysis and estimates for MS Pipe (3.0 m dia) for total 20400 m length
  • Study of minor water tanks in the command areas, selection of appropriate tanks for improvement of command area to be used as balancing reservoir. Remodelling/ Conservation of Existing Natural Sisliya Reservoir (Area 80 Ha )with raising of heights for storage upto 10 MCM, repairs etc in order to increase the capacity and to use it as a balancing reservoir for irrigation/ drinking water purpose. Cost of Remodeling of Reservoir including inlet arrangements, outlet arrangements, diversion of incoming streams is approximately Rs 92 Cr.
  • Final Location Survey using Total Stations and detailed designs for Main Canal (125 Km) and Distribution system for water conveyance pipeline for approximately 916 Km length upto tail (297 villages). Design, drawings of main canal, associated structures (512 Nos) such as village road bridges, district road bridges (35 Nos), drainage siphons (126 Nos), Aqueducts (12 Nos), canal super-passages (20 Nos), head regulators, falls, Escapes etc. Superimposition of network on revenue maps for LA etc.
  • Preparation of report including all drawings, designs and estimates with provision of SCADA to improve monitoring and efficiency of the canal system, Preparation of tender document for turnkey execution, proposal for funding from NABARD and other funding agencies.
  • Stakeholder/ community discussions, Study and Proposals for Water User Associations upto the extent of voter list as part of Participatory Management for 297 villages for water availability and management upto chak level (40 Ha) in order in ensure secure water delivery.
  • Assistance to NVDA in getting the project cleared from CWC for TAC Note.
  • Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 1255 Cr as finalized by CWC.
  • Total cost of Consultancy as per agreement was Rs 316 Lacs