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Water Resources Planning & Management

Command Area Survey and Micro Canalization studies including design & planning of chak scheme, preparation of L-section & chak plan of water courses and quantity estimates on the basis of finalized alignment of water course and preparation of final chak scheme in twelve sets. (This work is to be carried out as per the plan of approach and methodology of CAD department as well as the provisions contained in the design manuals of CAD department in Sidhmukh Nohar Irrigation Project Area.

Funding Agency: IGNP Rajasthan , India

Location: Bikaner, Rajasthan , India

Bhakra main canal originated from the Bhakra dam, it has many branches out of which one branch namely Fatihabad branch commands in Rajasthan , India state through Sidhmukh Nohar Feeder canal, the project aims at irrigating more than 70000 ha command area in Total, Presently the work of command area development and micro canalization is under progress.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  1. Reconnaissance survey of the whole allotted area and plan over all strategy of carrying out the work of survey and planning.
  2. Fixing of missing sub-rectangulation stones (825 ft if any) in the allotted area.
  3. The field topographical survey work in one chak in the nature of taking spot level in a grid of 165 ft (50m) in either direction and their plotting on 1 cm = 165 ft maps.
  4. Bench marks cum stone markers (20cm ´ 20cm ´ 90cm) supplied and fixed at suitable locations.
  5. After completion of topographical survey contour maps are prepared at 25cm contour intervals for alt. areas and 1 m contour intervals for dunal area. The command and non-command area will be demarcated with due regard of the water course offtaking levels considering the governing levels of the offtaking canal.
  6. The layout of water course would be planned on the contour maps.
  7. The finalized water course alignment are marked on ground with pillars at all turning points. Chak plan, L-section and quantities of earth work are made on the basis of final alignment.
  8. Preparation of chak plans, L-section of water course and estimate of quantities.
  9. Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 150 Cr.