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Water Resources Planning & Management

Survey, Contouring, Planning, Design preparation and Estimate of Main Canal Distribution Network right from main canal down to 40 ha chak command area under main canal RD km 206 to 248.65 km. (Indira Sagar Project)

Funding Agency: NVDA, India

Location: Barwani, MP,India

Indira sagar is one of the main projects in Narmda Basin in MP. Total project targeted command area is more than 100000 Ha, in order to irrigate tail of the right bank canal from RD 06.0 to 248 .0 Km ISP main canal consultancy assignment was awarded to NKBPL, which includes detailed surveys, planning, investigation etc.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  1. Preparation of Survey sheets with following details for the complete command area of 20000 Ha (App).The survey is to be carried out with the Total Station machine, GPS, the survey sheets are to be prepared using the Licensed Software by the consultant.
  2. Consultant has to prepare the sheets by connecting the survey with the nearest GTS bench marks so that whole of the work may be integrated to other schemes, development of the state.
  3. Marking of Canal Alignment for distributaries, minors and sub minors on the survey sheets and calculation of the area to be served by each distributaries, minors, sub minors etc.
  4. Collection, Scanning and digitization of the revenue maps for the complete command area of 100339 ha
  5. Carry out the detailed macro level planning upto 40 ha area fro the entire command area.
  6. Marking, transferring the designed and approved canal alignment on the revenue maps.
  7. Semi detailed soil investigations for the complete command area of left main command.
  8. Detailed design of each individual canal structure and canal system
  9. Preparation of land compensation cases for the complete canal system.
  10. Structural design of canal structures, hydraulic, structural design of the purpose of construction.
  11. Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 390 Cr