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Water Resources Planning & Management

Preparation of Detailed Project Report of PAWAI Medium Irrigation Project in Panna District of MP on such norms and specifications which are acceptable to the CWC, MoEF and Planning Commission of India.

Funding Agency: Water Resources Department, MP.

Location: Panna , MP,India

MP Water resources department proposes to construct “ Pawai River Multipurpose Project” to irrigation about 30365 Ha of land of Panna District. The project site is located near village Padariya, 45 Km from Tehsil head quarters of Shahnagar in Panna district. The Dam site and Right Bank and Left Banal canal system may be located on toposheet number 64A/5, 63D/8, 63D/7, 63D/3, 63D/4 & 54 P/15.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Preparation of Survey sheets with following details for the partial command area of 13000Ha (App) using GPS and Total Station machines.
  • Consultant had to prepare the sheets by connecting the survey with the nearest GTS bench marks so that whole of the work may be integrated to other schemes, development of the state.
  • Marking of Canal Alignment for distributaries, minors and sub minors on the survey sheets and calculation of the area to be served by each distributaries, minors, sub minors etc.
  • Collection, Scanning and digitization of the revenue maps for the complete command area Carryout the detailed macro level planning upto 40 ha area from the entire command area.
  • Marking, transferring the designed and approved canal alignment on the revenue maps. Semi detailed soil investigations for the complete command area of left main command. Diamond Drilling for assessment of dam foundations.
  • Hydrology Studies and Preparation of report after assessing the water availability with objective of harnessing the optimum multipurpose development including collection of all hydrological details. Identification of location/ fixing of dam line, barrage line etc. Preparation of Irrigation Development Report to delineate development of irrigated agriculture, cropping pattern in the command, provision of water supply to villages etc.
  • Preparation of fisheries development report to delineate development of pissi culture in the reservoir.
  • Preparation of detailed hydropower development report based on detailed study for hydropower development in the project area and contribution by hydropower development in improving the financial viabilities.
  • Preparation of detailed EIA and EMP report including suggestions for R&R, forest land assessment etc.
  • Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 261.54 Cr