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Water Resources Planning & Management

Consultancy for Command Area planning and Survey of Right Bank Main Canal of Parwati (Rinsi) Project, District Rajgarh M.P.

Funding Agency: Water Resource Department, Government of M.P.

Location: (Rajgarh Districts) Madhya Pradesh,India

Parwati is a major river that flows from MP to Southern Rajasthan , India. There has been various efforts by the both the state governments to utilize the water optimally. There is irrigation potential for irrigating approximately 80000 Ha on both the flanks of the Parwati River in MP State, the present study was mainly for Right main canal.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Topographical and Cadastral Survey in the command area , contouring at 0.5 m interval.
  • Collection of the revenue maps, scanning, digitization, superimposition of the contours over the revenue maps. (34278 Ha GCA)
  • Preparation of the survey sheets in the pattern of survey of India in 1: 15000 scale.
  • Marking of 40 ha chaks in the complete command area over the revenue maps.
  • Planning and marking of the canal system. Distributaries, minors, sub minors , water course (200 Kms)
  • Marking of the canal system in the field.
  • Suggesting the department the alternative alignment so that cost can be reduced.
  • Establishment of the bench marks stones in the command area along the alignment of the main canal. (After transferring from the GTS bench marks collected from the Survey of India.

Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 100 Cr.