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Water Resources Planning & Management

Bisalpur Project- Micro Network Planning for Left Main Command of Bisalpur Project (13000 ha)

Funding Agency: Government of Rajasthan , India

Location: (Tonk Districts) Rajasthan , India

Bisalpur Project is one of the major Irrigation projects of Rajasthan , India. The Projects aims at irrigating approximately 60000 Ha area of land with its right bank canal and approximately 12500 ha area with its left main canal. Construction of dam is over and construction of Right bank canal system is complete. In order to irrigation the left side areas of the river banas downstream of the dam, the detailed survey for planning of water courses upto 5-8 ha chaks have been planned.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Topographical and Cadastral survey for left main command of 13000 Ha area.
  • Collection of revenue maps and revenue details like ownership details, type of land, total area of filed.
  • Planning of macro water courses upto 40 Ha chak size.
  • Planning of Micro Chaks up-to 5-8 ha area.
  • Marking of water courses on maps, taking approval, transferring water courses in the field, taking L sections of the water courses.
  • Design of Water courses as per the available area and water allowances.
  • Estimation of the quantity for cutting and filling for all the water courses.
  • Preparation of Warabandi schedule (Water distribution schedule).
  • Preparation of statement for farm wise water distribution and allocation.
  • Design of Irrigation structures, alignment of some minors and sub minors not given by the client.

Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 75 Cr.