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Water Resources Planning & Management

Consultancy for Command Area planning and Survey of Rajgarh Medium Irrigation Project, Tehsil Pacpahar, Distt Jhalawar (10800 Ha)

Funding Agency: Government of Rajasthan , India

Location: Jhalawar, Rajasthan , India

Rajgarh medium irrigation project is proposed on Ahu river on confluence point of Kanthari river, which ultimately joins chambal river through Kalisindh river. The proposed dam is about 1 kms u/s site of Rajgarh village and 0.5 km up stream of confluence point of ahu- kanthari river. The exact location of proposed dam site is on the intersection of longitude 75 52’30” and 24 14’30”.in order to get the report approved from the central water commission government of Rajasthan , India has engaged Ms N K Buildcon Pvt limited through tendering process to prepare detailed survey , design reports etc.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

Preparation of Survey sheets in scaled of 1:150000 with following details for the complete command area of 10800 Ha (App) as per the enclosed base map.

  • All natural features
  • All man made features such as settlements, roads, electric and telephone lines, buildings, complete in all respect
  • Contour at an interval of 0.5 m in the plain area and on an interval of 2.5m at hilly location and at those patches where the levels are too steep.
  • Sheets should be prepared on the pattern of Survey of India sheet.

The survey was carried out with the Total Station machine, GPS, the survey sheets were prepared using the Licensed Software by the consultant.

Consultant had to prepare the sheets by connecting the survey with the nearest GTS bench marks so that whole of the work may be integrated to other schemes, development of the state.

  • Collection, Scanning and digitization of the revenue maps for the complete command area of 10800 ha
  • Marking of Canal Alignment for distributaries, minors and sub minors on the survey sheets and calculation of the area to be served by each distributaries, minors, sub minors etc.
  • detailed survey for L sections and cross sections is to be carried out by the consultant for minors and sub minors.
  • Micro level planning for 10 % of the command area as per the direction of engineering –in- charge.

Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 90 Cr.