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Water Resources Planning & Management

Topographical and Cadastral Survey for Gurma Tank Project, Rewa

Funding Agency: Executive Engineer, Water Resource Division, Rewa

Location: (Rewa Districts) Madhya Pradesh,India

Gurma Tank project located in Rewa District of M.P. is the first project in M.P. that has been taken under the MP Water sector restructuring project, funded by the world bank. The project aims at re-strengthening the existing irrigation schemes technically and evaluate the project if it address the needs of the community. The Community details are to be prepare in the project so as to see if more people can be benefited with this project.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

Topographical and Cadastral survey and contouring covering all natural and man made features for 13000 Ha area for Gurma Tank Project, district Rewa with the help of Electronic Total Station and GPS and using AutoCAD Software. The survey included taking all the features existing on the ground such as roads, drains, settlements, electric and telephone lines. Established bench mark, PBMs, SBMs pillars along the canals. Surveyed for design 100 km length of canal system for L section and cross section of distributaries, minors, sub minors and other water courses and conveyances. Digitized revenue maps for 13000 Ha area for the villages coming under the command area, superimposed contour over the digitized villages.

Prepared Land information Database and Developed Geographical information system for 13000 Ha area covering approximately 10000 entries in the database. The database included the ownership details, area of field, type of land, cropping pattern, address etc. Collected information regarding the field cropping patterns, watercourses and other significant features in the field and connected to the back end MS access.

Taken photographs of appropriate resolution and hyper linked to the concerned software. Imparted training to the department employees for AutoCAD Software and Total Station.

Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 100 Cr