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Water Resources Planning & Management

Consultancy for Command Area planning and Survey for Isarda Drinking Water Cum Irrigation Project.

Funding Agency: Government of Rajasthan , India

Location: (Tonk, Sawai Madhopur Districts) Rajasthan , India

As eastern part of Rajasthan , India is relatively wet, accounting for more than 80% of rains in Rajasthan , India, the river carries substantial quantity of water during the monsoon months. Though proposals and projects to harness the water in the river have been prepared/updated several times, due to lack of financial resources it could not be materialized for a long time and large quantity of water continued to flow, unutilized, out of the State. Bisalpur Dam is the first major works on the river, which though planned since 1980s could be undertaken only in the year 1990s and completed (With attainment of full capacity) only in 2004 monsoon.

Despite the Bisalpur dam project, on average 765 MCM water (Including spill from Bisalpur dam) still flows out at the proposed Isarda dam site and studies have been carried out for over 15 years to tap this water for the benefit of the State. The selection of proposed site near Solpur/ Isarda village in Tonk / Sawai Madhopur districts, just on the border of Tonk and Sawaimadhopur districts, has been selected on the basis of geological investigations.

The main purpose of construction of dam is to utilize this water to meet drinking water needs of the region (including Jaipur) and provide irrigation, The Geographical location of the proposed Isarda dam is: Latitude - 260 6’ 30’’ Longitude 760 0’ 30’’. In order to prepare a detailed report for approval from central water commission an estimate for 10 % area in per ha is required. In this direction , Govt of Rajasthan , India has awarded the work to n K Buildcon Pvt Limited, Jaipur.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Topographical Survey in the command area, contouring at 0.1 m interval.
  • Collection of the revenue maps, scanning, digitization, superimposition of the contours over the revenue maps.(5200 Ha GCA)
  • Planning and design of the canal system. Distributaries, minors, sub minors, water course (50 Kms).
  • Hydraulic and structural design of canal
  • Marking of the canal system in the field.
  • Hydraulic and structural design of the canal system and structures, i.e. cross drainage structures, VRBs, head regulators, cross regulators, falls etc.
  • Planning of micro network up to 8 Ha chak for 90 % CCA of the command area.
  • Estimation of the canal system and the structures, calculation of per ha cost for the project.
  • Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 120 Cr.