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Water Resources Planning & Management

Preparation of Ecological and Environmental Report for Parwan Major Irrigation Cum Drinking Water Supply Project, District Jhalawar, Rajasthan, India

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Location: Rajasthan , India

Parwan Major Irrigation Project is proposed on River Parwan, a main distributary of river Chambal in Jhalawar District. The river Parwan Offtakes from the point of confluence of river Ghorapachhar and river Ajnar about 1 Km upstream of Manoharthana town. Presently the water of river Parwan is going waste, therefore to utilize the Rajasthan , India State water and 10 % water from Madhya Pradesh State Catchment Area

Dam is to be constructed on river Parwan near village Akawad Kalan of Tehsil Khanpur District Jhalawar. The dam is 38m high and 360 m long. Its capacity at FTL shall be 490 Mcum, out of which 50 Mcum shall be reserved for drinking water (to cater to the water demand of urban areas and rural population along with livestocks of Kota, Jhalawar and Baran district for the forecast population of year 2061) and shall cover GCA of 154787ha and CCA of 138239 ha. The Left Main Canal has total length of 51.77km and shall irrigate 41852ha of land, while Right Bank Canal has total length of 96.48 km and shall irrigate 96387 ha of land.

Total Villages in submergence:- 80 (Partly)

Total Villages in Command Area:- 300

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Collection of Base Line data from Field regarding the existing land use pattern in catchment, forest details for complete project area.
  • Study of demographic details, conducting socio- economic survey in command and submergence areas as per the central water commission’s guidelines.
  • Collection of surface water samples, ground water samples and analysis thereof.
  • Study of wind direction, preparation of wind rose diagrams, collection of meteorological data from state Meteorological Department.
  • Details of Flora and Fauna in command, wild animals, industrial development in project area
  • Environmental Impact and Mitigation Measures
  • Environmental Monitoring Proposals
  • Preparation of details of Resettlement and Rehabilitation of the project affected persons.
  • Collecting the details of the affected forest and suggestions for aforestation
  • Reconnaissance Survey of soil quality in the region and preparation of report suggesting the type of crops to be grown in the area.
  • Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 150 Cr.