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Water Resources Planning & Management

Survey and Preparation of Project Report for Renovation of Chambal Right Main Canal 0 – 124 km ( Rehabilitation of the Chambal Canal in Rajasthan , India)

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Kota, Rajasthan , India

The work will include

  1. Clay Grouting of Earthen embankment to grout the piping prone reaches, adjacent to every pucca structure.
  2. Providing RCC counter fort retaining wall between 3.48 km to 80 km.
  3. Provide lining in RMC between 18 km to 124 km to save 1000-1200 cusecs water,
  4. To provide filter and counter berm on right bank.
  5. To provide C.C. road on left bank.
  6. D/S protection work in river bed of Kalisindh and Parwan aqueduct.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

Looking to the badly damaged condition of C.R.M.C. in Rajasthan , India territory and RMC in Madhya Pradesh it was divided that Rajasthan , India and Madhya Pradesh should separately prepare project report regarding re-design and remodeling of canal system. The work in Rajasthan , India portion will cost Rs. 540 crores. The proposal includes lining of canal in filling and vulnerable reaches, earth work and re-sectioning in cutting reaches, providing filter and piping prone reaches, renovation of pucca structures, cross regulators head regulators, construction of CC road on left bank of RMC. In addition to these renovation of some important buildings, Rest houses, communication system will also be taken up.

Consultant has designed a comprehensive SCADA system for entire right main canal costing more than 4 Cr as part of the DPR of 104 Cr submitted in the first phase to World Bank for approval. Consultant has submitted detailed technical specification for installation of SCADA system. Report has been submitted to WRD Zone Kota which has taken up with authorities for world bank funding.

Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 383.79 Cr