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Water Resources Planning & Management

Topographical and Cadastral Survey for following Irrigation Schemes under MP Water Sector Restructuring Project

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: (Sagar Districts) Madhya Pradesh,India

Following Tanks were taken under first phase of MP Water sector restructuring projects. After taking the field details of these existing schemes, detailed restructuring plan are prepared and With the help of world bank funding MP Water resource department is remodeling/ improving the canal system in M.P.

Following Tanks were surveyed by N K Buildcon Pvt Limited, Jaipur

Tank Name Total Area in Ha Length of L- X Section

Hirapur Tank 320 2.70 Km

Bachhloan Tank 258 1.70 Km

Ganga Sagar Tank 214 1.8 Km

Bhunwani Tank 145 2.2 Km

Machhariya Tank 1074 12.62 Km

Surkhi Tank 1011 7.7 Km

Bhaiswar Tank 561 50.95

Amukhi Tank 849 9.00

Kulghari Tank 6040 20.20

Total Qty 10472 Ha 108.87 Km

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Topographical Survey for Tank Schemes with the help of Total Station
  • Establishment of Control Points with the help of GPS
  • Collection of Revenue Maps, Superimposition of Contours
  • Marking of water Courses, Longitudinal and cross section of Canal System with the Help of Levels