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Water Resources Planning & Management

Consultancy Services for Conducting River Cross Section and Embankment Asset Survey in Rapti River Basin

Funding Agency: World Bank

Location: Gorakhpur, UP

The river and embankment survey in Rapti river basin, and cover the main stem of Rapti river and major flood-contributing rivers (Burhi Rapti, Kurra, Ami and Rohin) and all embankments and associated structures within Rapti basin from Nepal Border up to confluence in Ghagra River.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Preparation of survey plan along with selection and fixation of additional Bench Marks.
  • Survey of river cross section and L-section.
  • Survey of embankment cross-section, alignment, physical status and assets.
  • The length of river surveyed is about 1100 kms and length of embankments is about 930 km
  • Validation of survey products and certify compliance to specifications.
  • Submission of river and embankment data in standard GIS file format for integration in Flood forecast/inundation model and EAMS.
  • Create visualization and plots for verification by UPID.
  • Generation and submission of hard and soft copies of longitudinal (along the centre-line) and cross-sectional plots as per survey specifications.
  • Submission of survey completion report.