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Water Resources Planning & Management

Survey Investigation and Design (SID) and Preparation of DPR Package No. Sawai Madhopur of 9 Sub-projects under Rajasthan Minor Irrigation Improvement Project (RAJAMIIP)

Funding Agency: Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA)

Location: Sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan , India)

Survey, Investigation and Design (SID) of following Minor Irrigation Projects in Sawai Madhopur.

CCA(Ha) Canal Length for rehabilitation

  1. Ramsagar 339.616 4.297
  2. Jaisagar 190.810 2.219
  3. Dhelrasagar 153.257 2.748
  4. Nagolao 343.967 3.836
  5. Telenwala 162.040 1.327
  6. Sobhagsagar 69.956 1.045
  7. Pancholas 1031.615 10.255
  8. Galaisagar 1719.060 14.274
  9. Bhagwatgarh 1356.500 19.915

Total 5366.821 59.916

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Survey of dam, canal system, command area and submergence area including contour plans, long and cross sections of dams and canal system.
  • Investigation and data collection for hydrological, geotechnical, soils and other data relevant to irrigation projects.
  • Collection of existing data and documents.
  • Identification of rehabilitation works by joint walk-through in coordination with WUA/PRI, WRD and DoA officers then design of all rehabilitation works, including hydraulic and structural design, long and cross sections and structure drawings.
  • Estimate of work quantities and cost based on BSR.
  • Economic analysis of cost and benefits.
  • Preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) including estimate and drawings in separate volumes

Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs. 649.687 Lacs