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Water Resources Planning & Management

Consultancy for Preparation of Catchment Area Treatment Plan including Micro-level Survey of Catchment Area on 1 : 5000 scale as per requirement of Ministry of Environment & Forest along with procurement of Remote Sensing Data for Catchment Area Treatment Plan as per requirement and its clearance from MOEF for Parwan Major Irrigation cum Drinking Water Supply Project

Funding Agency: Water Resource Department, Rajasthan , India

Location: Jhalawar (Rajasthan)

Parwan major irrigation project is proposed on river Parwan, which is a main tributary of river Chambal in Jhalawar District. The river Parwan forms after the confluence of river Ghorapachhar and river Ajnar about 1 Km. upstream of Manoharthana town. Presently the water of river Parwan is going waste therefore, to utilise the Rajasthan , India State water and 10% water from M.P. State catchment area, it is proposed to construct dam across river Parwan near Akawad Khurd village of Distt. Jhalawar to store about 490.00 Mcum water and utilize it by providing irrigation facilities in about 100000 ha. C.C.A. of district Jhalawar, Kota and Baran.

The dam is proposed to be constructed near village Akawad Khurd of Tehsil Khanpur, district Jhalawar. The dam site is about 50 Km. from Jhalawar district. The nearest Railway station is at Atru, which is about 50 Km. from dam site. The dam site is also about 50 Km from NH-12. The dam site has been finalised by the Chief Engineer, Irrigation, Rajasthan , India in the month of November 2004

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Procuring satellite images from NRSA Hyderabad for more than 8200 Sqkm.
  • Geo referencing, ortho-rectifications of the satellite images, with GCPs in the project area for 8200 Sqkm area.
  • Generation of Digital Elevation Model, thematic maps on GIS platform for Slope and relief layer, land use land cover, sub-watershed, drainage lines, Soil erodability maps, road network, base map etc for entire catchment area of 8200 sqkm.
  • Detailed Field Survey using Total station and GPS in the field for approximately 8954 ha, survey included detailed capturing of the features over the ground for base map preparation, delineation of the boundaries for various land uses, watersheds etc.
  • Based on the actual field survey and satellite images processing, consultant determined SYI ( Silt Yield Index Values ) for entire sub watersheds, the SYI was used by consultant for prioritization of catchment area treatment works.
  • Preparation of estimates for different catchments area treatment works, treatment involved both engineering and biological measures.
  • The CAT plan prepared by the consultant was discussed and has been approved by the MoEF.

Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 429 Cr