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Water Resources Planning & Management

Consultancy Assignment for Preparation of DPR for Redevelopment of Pichaikaranpallam Odai in Erode

Funding Agency: KFW

Location: Tamil Nadu

Pichaikkaran Pallam Odai, one of the important canals in Erode, is fast turning into a sewage canal. The Odai, is a natural formation, gets its water from the Ellapalayam Tank and runs for about 15 km. Rivulets from Kanna Velampalayam, Elayathakoil and a few other sources in and around Nasiyanoor flow into the Ellapalayam Tank. The runoff water from the Odai passes through Nasiyanoor, Ellappalayam, Villarasampatti, Periya Semur and B.P.Agraharam local bodies before entering River Cauvery.

Prepare a Detailed Project Report for redevelopment of the Pichaikkaranpallam Odai, considering the technical, financial, Hydrological, environmental, ecological and social aspects, both with the corporation and upstream areas.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Identification of all sources of pollution and outfalls along the project area.
  • Study of existing roads bridges, culverts etc. available along Odai.
  • Projection of future development.
  • Preliminary site investigation, topographical and soil surveys.
  • Geo-Technical Investigation
  • Study of discharge points of storm water and sewage entering into Odai in different points and assess of quantum of discharge in each location.
  • Collection of topographical and hydrological data of the Odai.
  • Provide provision for solid waste disposal and its management.
  • Preparation of drawings, charts for comprehensive understanding and evaluation of the alternatives and options.
  • Collection of water quality details at various locations of Pichaikkaranpallam odai. Measurement of volume of water draining into Odai from various inlets.
  • Study of overflow arrangement interconnectivity with the odai, rainwater, drains, bund strengthening etc. with details design and cost estimates.
  • Preparation of contour map of the lake showing depth of the lake at different points.
  • Financial analysis for the project cost with sensitive analysis, cost benefit analysis, economic analysis (ERR) Phasing and implementation plan of the project.
  • Preparation of Environmental Assessment Report and Environment Management Plan
  • Preparation of Social Assessment Report
  • Consultation with stakeholders.
  • Preparation of 2D and 3D imageries for the finalized concepts.
  • Preparation of Detailed drawings / design including cost estimates, BoQs.
  • Preparation of tender documents based on Tamil Nadu Tenders in Transparency Act and rule / KfW and IBRD guidelines