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Water Resources Planning & Management

Preparation of Detailed Project Report for revised plan for utilization of Narmada Water allotted to Rajasthan , India

Funding Agency: Government of Rajasthan , India

Location: (Jalore, Barmer Districts) Rajasthan , India

Narmada canal originates from Sardar Sarovar dam, It serves State of Rajasthan , India, Gujrat, M.P. Narmada Canal after traveling 400 km approximately in the State of Gujrat enter Rajasthan , India near Village Silu in Sanchore HQ of Jalore Villages. It carries sufficient water to irrigation approximately 300000 Ha area in Rajasthan , India State besides providing drinking water to some parts of the Jalore districts. There is one main canal, which carries the gravity flow that serves 15000 Ha approximately. In order to irrigate more area i.e. approximately 150000 Ha area a lift scheme is proposed. In order to have a detailed engineering assessment for utilization of the balance water Government of Rajasthan , India imparted the work to Ms Tahal consulting Engg Ltd, ISREAL, for preparing the detailed report considering irrigation, socio- economic aspects, drinking water supply aspect, agronomy and environment impact aspects including both gravity and lift command. Tahal engaged Ms N K Buildcon Pvt Limited as sub consultant and outsourced some of the major activities.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Topographical survey using Total Station for 1,27,000 Ha area with 0.50 m contour interval and prepared topographical sheets on GSI grid pattern in scale of 1:15000.
  • Semi Detailed soil survey for 300000 Ha area under Narmada Main canal system in Rajasthan , India
  • Marking / Fixing of canal alignment including observing levels for L sections. X sections covering for an area of 2.87 Lac ha area with distributaries, minors and sub minors of about 1000 km
  • Marking/ Transferring of canal alignment on village Sajara ( Revenue Maps) including digitization of Khasra , superimposition of 0.25 m contour on village shajra, prepared drawings including canals , khasras, contours, (including khasra number of Shajra) and verification of the same in the field for compensation package for land to be acquired for construction of canal system for complete command system.
  • Total Cost of the project is Approximately Rs: 500 Cr.