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Water Resources Planning & Management

Modification of DPR of Dagmara Hydro Electric Project (25 x 5 MW).

Funding Agency: Bihar State Hydroelectric Power Corporation

Location: Bihar

The project is located near village Dagmara on right bank and Simri on left bank, about 22.5 km downstream of Bhimnagar barrage on Kosi river in district Supaul of Bihar. The proposed barrage site is located at latitude of 26o24’23” N and longitude of 86o44’9.8” E.

Dagmara Hydroelectric Project is a Run-of-the-River scheme with a gross head of about 5.5 m for power generation. The project envisages construction of a 14 m high (from deepest bed level) concrete barrage of 1014.5 m length and earthen dam of about 4514.5 m length across Kosi river. Surface power house of length 410.0 m having 25 units of installed capacity of 5 MW each (total installed capacity 125 MW) is proposed on the left side of barrage. At pond level of EL 70 m, the barrage pond storage is about 300 MCM and length of the pond at pond level is 22 km. The submergence area at pond level is estimated as 14617 ha, out of which 6691 ha falls in Nepal Territory and 7926 ha in Indian Territory

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Modification / rectification of Civil Engineering, Electro / Mechanical drawings (minimum 35 Nos.) of Dagmara HE Project
  • General Layout and preliminary design work of all civil components like Barrage, Power House, Earthen Dam and River Embankment
  • Incorporation of all electro-mechanical details in civil drawings.
  • Recasting of civil estimates as per modified / rectified drawings.
  • Modification of main Report of DPR
  • Cost of the Project is Rs. 1000 Cr. (US$ 166.67 Million).