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Water Resources Planning & Management

Re-Engineering, Assessment of flood event, redesigning and enhancement of drainage system for disposal of rain / flood water of Narmada Main canal km 0.00 to km 5.00, km 16.00 to km 74.00, Sanchore Lift Disty. km 14.00 to tail and various distributaries system of Narmada Canal Project

Funding Agency: Government of Rajasthan

Location: Sanchore (Rajasthan)

The objective is to prepare the primary and final DPR for Improvement/ Up-gradation of Narmada Main Canal system particularly enhancement of drainage system improvement in canal system for disposal of rain/flood across canal and its safe disposal.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Baseline survey and Topographical Survey
  • Collection of all types of data.
  • Hydrological Study.
  • Carried out detailed study of history of existing drains.
  • Identification of problematic areas of inhabitation and agricultural lands which were affected due to heavy rains during previous monsoon and monsoon of year 2015 & 2017.
  • Survey of these problematic areas and surrounding areas of villages and towns.
  • Site visit and survey of affected villages, towns and areas. Prepared inundation maps and suggested the measures like improvement and enhancement of the capacity of existing drains, revision of structures and construction of additional structures on the study of existing drains.
  • Provided the hydraulic design of drainage system.
  • Preparation of Final DPR.