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Water Resources Planning & Management

Consultancy Services to Conduct Scientific Study and Frame Detailed Project Report to Rehabilitate Waterlogged Area of Indira Gandhi Nahar Project Stage Ist in Rajasthan

Funding Agency: Water Resources Department, Rajasthan

Location: Hanumangarh, Rajasthan,India

Consultancy services to conduct scientific study and frame detailed project report to rehabilitate waterlogged area of Indira Gandhi Nahar Project Stage Ist in Rajasthan according to the revised guidelines of preparing ERM project by Central Water Commission, New Delhi.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Conduct detailed study and work out the Water Balance Account for suggesting the remedial measures and working out the quantum of discharge to be disposed/drained at various locations by working out the evapotranspiration of crops, consumptive use by crops, evaporation from wet soil and pools/ponds formed due to water logging, infiltration/seepage losses from canals by adopting local relevant climatological data and field capacity of the soils of the area, ground water recharge, ground water flow to adjoining area in the vicinity of IGNP command area and field application efficiency.
  • Advised the methods to reclaim various categories of saline/ sodomized soil.
  • Fixing of alignment of Main drain, lateral drains, Seepage drains and carrier drain and frame detailed estimate for constructions of all such type of drains including existing drains by carrying out necessary survey work and fixing of bench marks.
  • Prepared ownership wise detail and all other relevant detail required for land acquisition needed for drain construction.
  • Preparation of DPR according to latest guidelines of CWC and firm would provide back end support to get approval from CWC and Planning Commission of India.
  • Identification of waterlogged area W.T. up to 1.5 mtr, critical area W.T. 1.5 to 3.0 mtr and potentially sensitive area W.T. from 3 to 6 mtr) of water logged area, block wise in I.G.N.P. stage Ist (Biga wise murrabba wise statement) and preparation of Index map and area statement.
  • Providing and fixing permanent bench mark.
  • Survey of 337.85 km drains including laterals. with total station instrument, preparation of L-section, Cross-section and design.
  • Detailed Design using SAP/ETAB, Preparation of detailed working drawing and cost estimate using AUTO CAD of civil structure as well as mechanical and electric components of Pumping station, Cross drainage works at various locations. Designed Pumping Stations at RD 60 GDC (60CS), RD 150 GDC (60CS), RD 96.4 IGMN (108CS), Manaktheri (238 CS) and Jhurniyawali (30 CS). 14 Nos. Small Pumping Stations having discharge 5 to 15 CS were also designed.
  • Preparation of Design, estimates and drawings of 3 Nos. Drainage Syphons and 150 Nos. VRBs, DRBs and Culverts.
  • Suggesting remedial measures for reclamation of saline soil of existing waterlogged areas.
  • Detailed design/ drawing of complete weather station for observing climatological data for facilitating computation of crop water requirement for crops grown in the IGNP stage Ist area based on modified Panman Method. The submission of comprehensive report on evapotranspiration/ consumptive use by crops, evaporation from stagnant pools of waterlogged area and wet soil of waterlogged area for computation of Water balance study.
  • Preparation of design, drawing (in AUTO CAD) and detailed technical estimates of all the structures like the pumping stations, cross drainage works and culverts/bridges.
  • Framing of Detailed Project Report of Reclamation of waterlogged area in the I.G.N.P. stage Ist including detailed design and cost estimates of all the works based on latest guide lines of central water commission, New Delhi for entire project of I.G.N.P. stage Ist.