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Oil & Natural Gas

Hiring of Services for Carrying out Pre-Engg, Survey, ROU Acquisition & Obtaining Statutory Clearance / Permission for Projects in Onshore, Assets Under Separate 03-Years Rate Contracts for Western Region (Gujarat & Rajasthan).

Funding Agency: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited

Location: Rajasthan and Gujarat

Onshore Engineering Services of ONGC is a pioneer in developing energy infrastructure by constructing oil & gas installations and laying flow pipelines, Feeder and Collector Pipelines across their area of operation (Producing fields) as well as Cross Country Pipelines i.e. pipelines from ONGC Process Unit to Consumer end in Onshore Assets of ONGC. The area of operation of ONGC Onshore Assets is spread over the geographical Boundary of Gujarat & Rajasthan (Western Onshore Assets); Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, West Bengal & Jharkhand (Eastern Onshore Assets); Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry (Southern Onshore Assets). ONGC is constructing oil & gas installations and laying various types of pipelines in it’s areas of operation on regular basis and finalized Rate Contracts for 03 years. N.K. Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. was awarded the work of Western Onshore Assets (Gujarat & Rajasthan).

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Reconnaissance Survey.
  • Soil Investigation, soil resistivity Survey,
  • Hydrological Survey,
  • Detailed Survey for land acquisition for construction of Oil/ Gas Installation.
  • Detailed Route survey for Pipeline.
  • Cadastral Survey,
  • Services to respective Competent Authorities for Publication of all notifications as per P&MP Act 1962 and for acquisition of ROU in Land as per P&MP Act 1962,
  • Acquisition of ROU corridor in Govt. Lands, Forest lands etc.,
  • Obtaining Crossing approvals from various statutory Central/State/District authorities and other corporate bodies as applicable,
  • Services for land acquisition for Oil & Gas Installation/ SV/CP/IP/TOP/Terminal stations.
  • Soil survey and topography survey for installations and SV/CP/IP/TOP/Terminal stations etc.