Irrigation Studies of Command Area in Nepalese Territory of Sapta Kosi High Dam Multi Purpose Project and Sun Kosi Storage-cum-Diversion Scheme in Nepal

Funding Agency: JPO-Nepal

Location: Biratnagar, Nepal

A Joint Project Office of Govt. of Nepal and Govt. of India for Sapta Kosi Sun Kosi Investigation (JPO-SKSKI) established in Biratnagar, Nepal is preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Sapta Kosi High Dam Multipurpose Project (SKHDMP) and Sun Kosi storage-cum-Diversion Scheme(SSDS) after carrying out necessary surveys, investigations and other related studies to meet the objective of fulfilling the requirements of Hydropower Generation, Irrigation Development, Flood Control/ Management and Navigation of both the countries from its development

Actual Services provided by the Firm

• Review of the existing, planned and potential for irrigation development in Nepal • Identification of new command area to be brought under irrigation through Sapta Kosi High Dam Multipurpose Project, Sun Kosi Storage-cum-Diversion Scheme including Kamala Multipurpose Project and Bagmati Multipurpose Project. • Assessment of command area for irrigation stabilization through these projects. • Assessment of surface water availability for irrigation from the existing diversion points for new as well as the existing command area. • Fixation of canal alignment. • Preparation of topographical maps of command area on 1 : 10,000 scale with 0.5m contour interval showing the existing irrigation system and the alignment of proposed main and lower order canals, location of off-taking channels, area commanded (CCA) by each off-taking channel, bed level, full supply level, discharge of the off-taking channel and the outlets for each command area. • Preparation of drainage development plan, as an important component of irrigation development, on the topographical maps of command area on 1 : 10,000 scale with 0.5m contour interval showing the existing irrigation drainage system and proposed drainage system down to territory level. • Preparation of Longitudinal and Cross section of the canals and drains on 1 : 2,500 (Horizontal scale) and 1 : 100 (Vertical scale) with maximum spacing of cross section of 50m c/c. • Strip contour plan of main secondary and tertiary canal alignment on 1 : 1,500 scale with 0.25m contour interval, width 250m on both sides in case of main canals, 150 in case of branch canals and 100m in case of distributary canals. • Contour plan on 1 : 2,500 scale and 0.5m contour interval for the locations of major canal structures. This plan shall cover on area upto 300m on either side of centre line of canal, 100m downstream of point of exit of water and 100m upstream of point of inlet. • Preparation of Contour map of the on farm Development works on 1 : 2,500 scale and 0.25 contour interval, showing alignment of canal system within that area and drainage system. • Land Use and Land capability survey and mapping on 1 : 10,000 scale. • Watershed Management and Development Activities, Agricultural soil survey for the preparation of soil map on 1 : 10,000 scale to characterize the physical and chemical properties of the soil units. The survey comprises identification, Examination, Classification and mapping of all representative soil units. • Engineering geological and geotechnical survey of the command area like transit soil survey, test pits, boreholes and geo-morphological features. Infiltration tests on every 5 Km or earlier depending on site requirements along the canal alignment and 250m at cross drainage works. • Consultation with stakeholders and prepared Social Survey Report. • Construction material surveys for canals and structures. • Preparation of Reports