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GIS Mapping and Land Survey

Preparation of GIS Base Map for Uttrakhand - Nainital & Udhamsingh Nagar

Funding Agency: Government of Uttarakhand

Location: Nainital & Udhamsingh Nagar

  • Review of Exsisting Situation collection of all available data from Local Development Authority/ ULBs
  • Data evaluation: Source and reliability, positional accuracy, attribute authenticity.
  • Design of Proper Grid and projection (UTM WGS 84) for the whole town.
  • Geo-referencing of satellite imagery using suffiecient number of Ground Control Points (GCPs) collected through Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) Survey.
  • Interpretation and Digitization of all Physical features from Satellite imagery.
  • Geo-referencing and digitization of Cadastral Maps.
  • Database structure and design.
  • Property data verification and collection of relevant information of each Property.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  • Procurement of Satellite Imagery.
  • DGPS Survey & Geo Referencing.
  • Orthorectification of the Satellite Images.
  • Preparation of Base Map and exsisting Land use Map.
  • Auto Level Survey for Contouring.
  • Collection of Various Maps & Data from Municipal & Government Agencies.
  • Incorporation of Cadastral Information.
  • Survey and Updation of Base Map.
  • Final Base Map.