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Survey using Latest Techniques

PT Survey Work of Colonies of Prithvirajnagar

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Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Prithvirajnagar scheme is very large residential scheme of Jaipur Development Authority.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

Physical survey of constructed / vacant / boundary walled plots and Demarcation on maps, demarcation of vacant land on map. Superimposition of TS survey of scheme boundary / village boundary with revenue roads, superimposition of TS survey of boundaries of all schemes (according to available records), marking of boundary of Prithvirajnagar area. Google superimposition of coordinates, marking of existing property wise land use on the basis of GIS, superimposition of TS survey on sector plan on the basis of GIS, marking of physical features (well, big trees, river, drains and ponds, low laying areas, gas pipe line, HT line with power, Transformer, Tube wells, Government land, Reserve Forest land) on map. with of road at every 30m interval, marking of permanent structures from road, preparation of layout plan of and calculation of area of schemes as per site survey. marking of sector roads and HT lines in revised plan. Area survey is 1100 ha.