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Urban Infrastructure Development

Preparation of City Development Plan for 27 Towns under DMIC (Alwar, Tijara, Behror, Bhiwadi, Bharatpur, Dholpur)

Funding Agency: Local Self Government Department, Directorate of Local Bodies Rajasthan

Location: Multi Location,India

The Second generation City Development Plan provides the starting point for the reform by identifying core city- challenges, a perspective and vision for the future development of a city, its present stage of development (current status) and sets out a direction of changes.

The Second generation City Development Plan to focuses on the development of economic and social infrastructure, policies and program addressing the specific issues of urban poor, strengthening of municipal governments, and their financial management and accounting process, promoting transparency in their functioning etc.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

To prepare consensus-based city development plan indicating policies, programmes, strategies and funding mechanisms to meet the development requirements. The development plan would be formed as shared vision for the city involving various stakeholders with a long-term development perspective. Covering following details after carrying out detailed interaction with the stakeholders concerned.

  • City Assessment and Optional Strategies
  • Demography, Economic Development & Growth Assessment
  • Institutional Arrangements
  • Infrastructure
  • Financial aspects.
  • Physical and Environmental Aspects
  • Stakeholder Consultation