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Waste Water Management

Preparation of DPR for Sewerage Scheme for Sawai Madhopur Town under UIDSSMT

Funding Agency: UIDSSMT

Location: Sawai Madhopur , India

Preparation of DPR in accordance with UIDSSMT guidelines

Scope of work provides for preparation of DPR for complete sewerage system for Sawai Madhopur Town under UIDSSMT of Government of India. The work includes preparation of detailed drawings, designs. and estimation of Sewerage Treatment Plant, The STP design is based on conventional treatment system consisting of screens de-gritting - primary clarifier – activated sludge – secondary clarifier. The treated effluent shall confirm to Rajasthan Pollution Control Board standards of BOD <30 mg/l, COD <250 mg/l and SS <100 mg/l. The sludge generated is proposed to be treated in anaerobic digesters shall be used for gas produced in digester may be used for power generation.

Actual Services provided by the Firm

  1. Collection of base data, survey and leveling of the area.
  2. Design of the project including calculation of the sewage flow, size of the sewer mains, STP capacity based on guidelines issued by CPHEEO and UIDSSMT.
  3. Preparation of drawings and maps and cost estimation.

Collection of data, detailed field survey. Assessment of quantity of sewage flow, sewage characteristics, primary, secondary and sludge treatment required and disposal of sludge and effluent water, preparation of design and drawings and cost estimates of STP based on guidelines of the Central Public Health Engineering and Environment Organisation (CPHEEO) issued by the Ministry of Urban Development, GoI.

The DPR for the sewerage project costing Rs. 100.83 crores has since been prepared and submitted to Municipal Board Sawai Madhopur in February 2007. The project provides for providing, laying and jointing of 150mm to 1200mm sewer lines in a total length of 212 km. Provision for Sewerage Treatment Plant of capacity 36 MLD (for Design period 2039) has been taken in the project. Out of this it is proposed to construct STP of 24 MLD immediately to meet the demand upto the year 2024 and remaining 12 MLD in the second phase to meet the demand of design year. Rendering services to Sawai Madhopur Municipal Board for assistance during execution of work for any changes in drawings / Designs / Quality control with reference to DPR project components. Assisting Sawai Madhopur Municipal Board in getting approval from UIDSSMT.